Monday, October 12, 2009

Snack Hall of Fame

Pret A Manger is my favorite fast food business on the planet. Fresh, organic, delicious, efficient...I can hardly think of enough positive adjectives to list when speaking about them.

In London, I eat one of their egg-and-cress sandwiches daily. They opened a branch in New York City a block away from my office and my preferred hotel (on Bryant Park, FYI).

But above every offering they provide, their pickled onion crisps are supreme. Slightly thicker than Walker's crisps, they deliver a double-whammy punch of pungent onion and tart, lip pursing vinegar. With a beer, or when craving salty goodness, there's nothing better on this good green earth.

1 comment:

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I miss Pret so much. My hangover staple of an 'All-Day Breakfast' sandwich. My usual favorite of Crayfish and Rocket (Arugula for the Yanks) and their Christmas special of roast turkey, sage, onion and sausage meet stuffing, crispy fried onions and cranberry relish. Then to top it all they started offering the hot wraps; how I miss the Swedish Meatball Ragu.

    Oh Ernst, now you've got my saliva glands going and my nostalgia for home kicking in. I can't wait to get to NYC next month for a fix.