Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Head for the Cellar

David Mellor is a fantastic housewares store on Sloane Square in London. I always find something wonderful there. This ceramic salt and pepper cellar set, with spoons, is one of my favorite Mellor purchases.

Sometimes I like to put the black spoon in the salt and the white in the pepper. Or the salt in the black cellar and the pepper in the white. And if I'm feeling Daliesque, I'll put white pepper and black sea salt out -- that really keeps 'em guessing.

And people love to use them! Some spoon the seasoning directly onto their food and some pour a spoonful into their palm and then pinch it out.

Such simple implements, and yet they have the capacity to add so much fun and creativity to the table. That's why I have them out 24/7.

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