Saturday, October 17, 2009

Care for a Dip?

Tonight I'm attending a farewell party to be given for my good friend Todd -- he's moving to Washington, DC. Last night, I had dinner with the hosts and they told me they had settled on heavy hors d'oeuvre, arranged on a large table, in lieu of a formal dinner. This made a lot of sense because of the number of people attending. In short order, I was assigned a comestible and immediately volunteered to make a crab dip.

This is not because I am particularly good at making crab dip, but the thought appealed to me as I remembered my mother's crab dips from long ago bridge parties and other social events she and my father hosted at our home.

To find a good recipe, I first consulted, but finding none there, I next visited, where I found this wonderful recipe for a crab-brie-artichoke dip with fresh garlic, tarragon, dill and parsley.

The only changes I made were to use celery salt instead of sea salt, Italian parsley instead of common parsley and I added some smoked paprika. I also used substantially more herbs and a 1/4 cup more cream, because it seemed wasteful to keep the small remainder of the heavy cream in the fridge for who knows what -- I simply do not use heavy cream often at all.

I'm looking forward to the party tonight, and hope that my dip is a hit with the Essential Bakery baguette slices that will accompany it!

What's your favorite dip for parties? Tell me in the comments.

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