Friday, October 2, 2009

The Downside

An Occasional Series at A Life of Food

As much as one thrills to the taste of good food, one may wither at the taste of bad. And where, pray, is much of the worst food on our planet?

Why, 35,000 feet above our planet, of course.

Airline meal. Aside from "Hitler," "Satan," "bed bug" and "Madonna" there are few more frightful phrases in the English language.

Things go wrong in airplane galleys. Terribly wrong. Witness this godawful mess, served to the quivering innocents in coach class on a recent Iberia flight from Madrid to Santiago, Chile. It's disturbingly evocative of escargot atop a bed of hog aortas.

Please, god, save us from these things.

Had a bad airline meal? Tell me about it, in rich detail!

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