Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fress to Impress

Since the dawn of time, food has been used by people to impress others. The caveman who had a sabre-tooth tiger roast probably got more attention than the poor loser with just a bowl of raspberries. Royals and the wealthy have long used rare delicacies such as Caspian caviar -- and copious amounts of them -- to impress their lofty status on mere fish-and-chips eating mortals.

How do you use food to impress? Let's say someone is coming to dinner at your place; someone very important, and you want to make a very positive impression on them.

What do you prepare?

I asked a variety of my friends to share their ideas with me and here's what I got back in response:

MARK: Lobster

ERIC: Portabello enchiladas in molé; grilled corn with grated Parmesean & tapatio; super fresh chop salad with spinach, basil, cilantro and black beans.

ALAN: Frisée with Humboldt Fog chevre, hazelnuts, green figs and peach gastrique.

Pumpkin persimmon soup with lapsung soo chung and cedar oils, and créme fraîche.

Roasted capon with parsnip sunchoke au gratin.

Plum pie with ginger sage gelato.

ALEX: Fresh blinis with a smoked salmon twist, topped with a dollop of créme fraîche and some lumpfish caviar (it's the recession don't you know?), served with a glass of champagne.

Starter of seared scallops, with freshly fried pancetta on each, atop a bed of pea and mint puree, with a nice crisp burgundy/chablis.

Main course of BBQ marinated butterflied leg of lamb, (marinade - olive oil, lemon juice, vermouth, thiny sliced onion, lots of mint, salt and pepper; 24 hrs min, turning regularly), with dauphinoise potatoes and a broccoli puree, with a cracking burgundy/pinot noir.

Possibly some good cheese if a proper dinner party, though this is a bit much just for two.

Depending on the season, a
Summer pudding or a blackberry and apple crumble to finish.

And of course, some port or Talisker to finish!

DANA: Unprintable response.

ALBANO: Unprintable response.

Whose approach would you be most impressed by? Let me know...and propose your own most impressive meal in the comments!

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