Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kibble Nibble

Every evening at 5:00PM, a caustic wail erupts from the stairway that leads from my second to third floors. This would be my cat, demanding her dinner. And by demanding, I mean Khrushchev pounding his shoe on the table. No please. No quiet reminder. If a buzz saw could meow, you'd have my cat, Hello.

Hello gets 1/3 cup of Purina One Vibrant Maturity 7+ mix in her Burberry bowl (Yes, really. From Selfridge's in London). When the Chinese cat food contamination scandal hit last year, I was scared to death I would see her food on the danger list. It was not, and I thank Purina One for their quality control.

Hello is 10 years old now, so I figure I have another decade to enjoy her evening caterwaul and celebrate with her our shared passion for food.

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