Monday, January 4, 2010

Soup Season

Cold, snow, rain, darkness at 4PM...all great reasons for the consumption of soup!

One of the easiest things to create, soups can also harness all sorts of innovations (boiled lobster or shrimp shells to create a broth, silky tofu as a creamy alternative to fatty milk, the amazing varieties of Vietnamese pho) and styles (bisques, stews, chilled soups). It's safe to say you can turn pretty much anything in your kitchen into a soup, if you're creative enough!

I tried one of Chef Dan Orr's FARMfood recipes last night: Broccoli and basil soup with soy. It was a delicious solution to my ridiculous recent over purchase of four heads of broccoli! I probably should have passed the soup through my finest mesh sieve for a more finished texture and appearance but I'm a peasant and like my soups chunky when it makes sense to make them so. Thus my version of the dish, seen above. I powdered the bowl rim with a little paprika for some color, mindful not to get much of it in the soup itself...

What's your favorite soup? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Sounds and looks divine! I heart southwestern pumpkin soups, and anything else rooty or earthy like squash, sweet potatoe, etc. Yummy!